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Whether you are a start-up business or an established organization, you always try to discover new ways to connect with new customers. Every business needs a customer base and funds for its survival. Therefore, each company aims at increasing their customer but by spending minimum cost. According to the survey, we made a conclusion that every business faces two major issues.   Issue related to funds. ...

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Business profitability is very simple to understand. The more number of clients means more of profit. But having customers does not solve the whole purpose. You need to convert them into your regular subscribers to make your business more happening. There is a very little boundary of understanding between customers and subscribers.   A customer is a person who buys your product or service only once. But...

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Call Intelligence

Today, digital marketing is consistently gaining popularity as an important approach for businesses of all size and shapes. Almost every organization reserves a major share of their promoting budget for digital marketing. Even few organizations are solely depending on it. However, one thing has not changed much at all. People are still mad about talking and telephone calls are the easiest way to connect with...

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local number vs toll free

Communication is the foundation of any successful business and Telephony communication still plays a key role among all. Though website widgets, social media channels and VoIP are good customer communication platforms but business phone system plays unbeatable role in terms of reach, access and reliability. Main cause of communication in any business is to provide an easy and result oriented channel of communication to their customer....

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Voice Broadcasting Service

Voice broadcasting was launched in 1990's which is a mass communication technique. At once it can broadcast telephone messages to hundreds and thousands of call recipients. Both commercial and community applications are under this technology.   Voice message broadcasting users can immediately contact back to anyone whether they are subscribers, employees, customers, members or constituents.   How it Works?    Voice broadcasting phone software manages a huge database of your phone...

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What is OBD in Telecom

OBD services goes by various names across countries and industries and common terminologies used for it include Voice Broadcasting, Voice SMS, Robocalls, etc. OBD is a voice-based mass communication technology that has the capability of broadcasting pre-recorded audio messages in an automated manner using normal telephony-based voice calls. OBD is an automated dialing system that generates simultaneous voice calls to a list of pre-identified phone numbers....

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