Bulk SMS Services

SMS Marketing

iSMS application solution is a high throughput bulk SMS service, used to send large volume of text messages enabling you to engage and transact with your customers and partners. Our powerful APIs enable the businesses to enhance and strengthen their customer engagement.

Our APIs are highly reliable, scalable and allow organizations to integrate them with their existing software and applications in matter of minutes. iSMS is a bulk SMS marketing tool and can communicate specific, personalised, easy and non intrusive message. SMS does not invade the privacy of the recipient as it remains in the inbox and can be read at leisure, being technology based, each message can be personalised. iSMS is a push based service and can be either promotional or transactional in nature, optimised promotional video links of TV advertisements etc can also be pushed using SMS services.

instant communication

Instant Communication

Engage and build customer engagement through direct and instant communication with your customers. Our unified platform ensures delivery of time sensitive alerts and critical messages within fraction of seconds.

Real Time Reports

iSMS web based panel provides real time reports and keeps you updated on the status of your bulk promotional messages in a user friendly format. In addition you can download the reports for better analysis.

real time reports of bulk sms marketing
simple convenient webbased management

Simple & Convenient Web Based Management

Schedule alerts ahead of time, set daily, weekly and monthly notifications, user definable templates to send messages anytime anywhere. You can easily manage all your contact lists under our panel, add or block groups and upload bulk contacts in a user friendly manner and much more.

Sender Id

Sender id is the name or the number which flashes on the recipients mobile phone on receiving a SMS, create multiple sender id and templates that reflect your brand identity.

sender id template
bulk sms application integration

API Integration

Our flexible and powerful API can be integrated into applications. iSMS API provides an easy, efficient and flexible option to integrate with your applications and website, facilitating auto generated SMS.

100% Open Rate

SMS is non intrusive and can be delivered irrespective of time and location.If even if the phone is switched off SMS is delivered the moment phone is switched on. It does not land into a junk box and one tends to read the same even on deleting a SMS. Send a clear, concise and relevant message and you can be sure of the message getting customers attention.

100 percent open rate
long shortcode interactivity engagement

Long & Short Codes

iSMS offers you two way pull messaging platform and allows you to receive SMS besides sending SMS. The two way feature works using a keyword as an identifier of your message. Short code is a special number which is much shorter and is of five digits, while a long code is a ten digit virtual mobile number hosted on isms platform. This feature enables two way communication between an organisation and their customers and is widely sued for reality shows, voting, feedback, lead generation and so on.