Capture Many Subscribers in Just One Phone Ring

Business profitability is very simple to understand. The more number of clients means more of profit. But having customers does not solve the whole purpose. You need to convert them into your regular subscribers to make your business more happening. There is a very little boundary of understanding between customers and subscribers.


A customer is a person who buys your product or service only once. But a subscriber means something more. He is your regular buyer. The subscriber keeps and increases your profits so you need to have more of subscribers than the customers.


So you can expand your business by expanding your subscribers. To spread your business to a great extent you need to increase the number of subscribers. If subscribers, are someone who is helping you to grow, then why not to make a path for them to become yours at an ease. You should find the shortest path for the subscribers to reach you.


There are a lot of technologies through which you can easily grab your customers and convert them into subscribers. But they are as busy as you are. So you need to find the shortest and the easiest way out. And that is “just a ring”.


Yes, that’s true. We have this wonderful opportunity of missed call service for you to grab your customers and keep intact with you as your subscribers. If the distance to reach between you and your customers is just a ring then they would love to be your subscribers.


How will it work? 

The procedure of missed call service is very easy to understand and to opt. You just need to give your number to the customers wherein they need to call you. The call will get automatically disconnected and that number of the customer will be saved in your database and from there and then he will be your all time permanent subscriber.


Missed Call for Query


It is very obvious that once they have become your subscriber then they would want you to know more. So when they give you a call and call gets disconnected then your customer executive will call back the subscriber to know his query to solve them.

But then question arrives in your mind that in today’s time there are a lot of options to do the same then why only missed call service.


Below here is the answer to all your questions that why should adopt missed call service for your business


  1. Most Affordable Service:
    You just need to have a number and thereafter maintain the database which saves a lot of investment and time of you and your staff. Missed call service saves both. There are a lot of things to focus on to run a business then why to waste money on something expensive rather than having something very affordable.
  2. Rapid Service Ever:
    You have to agree to the fact that it is the most rapid service ever seen. Your customers need not fill those boring forums to be your subscribers and avail your services. They just have to give a missed call and they are yours.
  3. It Improves Customers Experience
    Improving your experience will eventually improve customers experience. Your customers are your top priority as they help you to run your business. You can’t get a better deal at such a reasonable amount. Your customer just have to ring to avail your services.
  4. Saves Your Resources:
    What better you could get when your resources are being saved by not employing a staff for it. It doesn’t require anyone, which saves your resources and later your investment.


There is a very little difference between a marketer and a smart marketer. So be a smart marketer as there are a lot of products available in the market so shop accordingly for your business. Missed call service is the most rapid, affordable, simple, and reliable technology and I believe this is what we expect to have with us from technology.

Go 2 Market India Pvt. Ltd.

Go 2 Market is cloud telephony providers for modern Indian business. We provide a number for your business on which you can receive and make hundreds of calls and SMS simultaneously. All this, without the hassle of an EPABX/PRI line at your end. That’s not all. We provide a suite of tools, which helps you to manage all your sales, marketing, and customer care channels from your desktop dashboard.

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