Click to Call (C2C) Services

Humanise your online experience.

iclk2cl is your online equivalent of a toll free number and turns clicks into calls, is an easy and convenient way for your customers to contact you right on your website. Now don’t miss a single visitor to your website, stay in touch with them.

Integrate the click to call button in your email and ad campaigns to measure the ROI of each campaign, or place it on your website to make it more interactive, engaging and easy for a visitor to get in touch with you. Online retailers who integrate click 2 call buttons on their websites report better conversion rates and increased sales. Not only is the button convenient for customers but it also provides salespeople with useful information which can be used to close deals faster.

Improve Online Conversion

Enhance customer experience, offer real time proactive call center assistance to those who are unable to find answers on their own or require more information. A customer today wants information quickly, allowing them to leave your website is akin to loosing a sales order. Let your customers talk to you!!

Lower Website Abandonment

Help customers make significant decisions that could benefit from expert guidance in real time. Shopping cart abandonment rates are as high as 90%, offer interactive voice assistance at the point of purchase, right when the customer is experiencing indecision and turn around the deal.

Request a call back
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Talk 2 Your Customer

Smart brands are building brands on service differentiation in the face of inevitable commoditization and pricing pressures. Create an identity around excellent service by being available to talk to your customers when they seeking information.

Calls That Convert

Customers want real time clarifications and confirmations while making purchase decisions, they want to speak with someone to answer a quick question before committing themselves and at that point they do not want to call the 1800 number and start all over again. Iclk2cl Click­To­Call for web form lead generation can be quickly and easily be implemented on web pages to offer real time voice assistance over traditional voice channels.

C2C Services