Missed Call Services

Dial & disconnect

iopt’n is a cloud-based missed call alert solution widely used for lead generation, call-back service, instant feedback, voting, mobile verification and opt-in list building.

iopt’n is a completely automated web based application that enables you to get real time notifications of all calls on your dedicated Mobile / Fixed line phone / Toll Free Number. Our cloud based platform can be leveraged to engage with the customer through an interactive session using the power of IVR, voice and text communication. When a caller calls on your missed call number our platform rejects the call after one ring and pushes the information in real time to our web based panel along with all the calling party details.

advertisment effectiveness

Advertisement Effectiveness

Missed call service is a great tool for determining the impact of your marketing campaigns, simply add a missed call alert number to each of your advertisements amongst various channels and with real time analytics calculate the ROI, now stop investing in non performing media channels and optimise your marketing campaigns.

Unlimited Leads

Publish missed call alert number in your advertisement campaigns and increase your lead flow exponentially. Run marketing campaigns during peak hours and call back your leads at your convenience. When a prospect gives a missed call, greet them with a customised automated SMS or a pre recorded voice call, you may even connect them in real time with your call center using our powerful IVR services platform.

lead generation
customer concent missed call application

Customer Consent

iopt’n allows you to contact those customers who are registered on DND (do not disturb) legally. Our unified platform keeps you safe from legal hassles of calling these numbers by seeking consent through an automated SMS and recording the information.

User Verification

Automate your sales and support systems and avoid lengthy and troublesome processes of verifying customer mobile numbers. Mobile number verification plays a key role across all consumer facing businesses. iopt’n aids in ensuring only genuine prospects are reaching out to you through multiple levels of verification and reduces frauds. Automate your COD process or web based registration verification or password retrieval and many more processes.

user verification
customer engagement

Customer Engagement

Bring content on demand just a missed call away, make yourself available to your customers 24 x 7 and integrate missed call alert from your customers with your CRM or access them in real time through a web panel.


Increase the participation and accuracy of your surveys by getting the participants to submit their opinion for free. Use multiple missed call numbers for different options and get real time feedback on customer experience and if required alerts can be built on SLA’s and accordingly acted upon.



Deliver special offers, coupon codes through the automated SMS response ”Miss call to 9xxxxxxxxx for today’s offer”. Launched a new app, ask your customers to give a missed call and send the app link through an automated SMS.


Run contests, incentivise users to engage with your brand, make any event interactive and engaging through live voting and results and what’s more it is free to the end user.