What is OBD in Telecom

Who, What, Where, When, Why & How of OBD Services

OBD services goes by various names across countries and industries and common terminologies used for it include Voice Broadcasting, Voice SMS, Robocalls, etc. OBD is a voice-based mass communication technology that has the capability of broadcasting pre-recorded audio messages in an automated manner using normal telephony-based voice calls. OBD is an automated dialing system that generates simultaneous voice calls to a list of pre-identified phone numbers. Through this application, automated voice calls can be sent with a prerecorded audio message in different languages. Outbound message campaigns are created on a user-friendly web interface panel, details of the calls generated, received by the receiver along with duration, date & time stamp are made available in real time.

Voice call is easy to remember and difficult to ignore and have a higher impact than any other communication medium. Interactive voice calls through the use of DTMF functionality help in engaging with the call receiver.

OBD is an essential communication tool for any organization which wants to engage with a large population, grow a business, and generates more revenues.


Where all OBD can be used:


  1. Product promotions & promotional campaigns
  2. Lead generation through telemarketing
  3. Political campaigns
  4. Surveys & feedbacks
  5. Voice OTP delivery, alerts & notifications
  6. Public service & emergency announcements
  7. Appointment reminder & confirmation
  8. Delivery confirmation
  9. Create brand presence


What is Voice Broadcasting


OBD services can be customised to simulate an actual personal phone call leveraging the advancement in technologies e.g.  computerized autodialers, TTS-text-to-speech, ASR-speech-to-text, cloud-based call center etc. Using these technologies, these services can be scaled-up to a very large target base which may be many times then that could have been possible with the person based calling approach.

Concatenation of pre-recorded voice with variable text-to-speech can offer a personalized or customized service and speech-to-text, DTMF based phone keys etc. make these calls much more interactive.


The basic features of OBD are namely:


  • Send out pre-recorded customised voice calls in different languages
  • Consistent and professional approach to mass campaigns
  • Configure OBD calls along with SMS services based on customer response
  • DTMF based IVR inputs, latch on services which help connect to call center agents
  • Lead qualification, surveys, feedback collection & much more
  • Real-time analytics


Voice Brodcasting Features


The key advantages of OBD/ Voice Broadcasting services are:


  • Cost-effective
  • Scalability & uniformity of communication
  • Easy to use
  • High response rate
  • Productivity enhancement
  • Improve sales & ROI


These calls as is the case with the SMS services are governed by the various telemarketing laws in place for voice and SMS communication, In India, these are governed by the TRAI policy, for more details visit: www.nccptrai.gov.in/.


How it works

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