March 2021

Increase your conversion rate with click-to-call service

With all the ways you might have thought of, to market your product and get traffic for business, the phone call still stays at the top and is the most preferred method by customers to connect with you. And that is when click to call comes into action.Click to call is a web to phone solution that allows a visitor to connect with you in real-time simply by clicking on a button, text, or image on a web-page.According to market research, it is seen that click to call has resulted in a higher conversion rate for businesses in India.How to...

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sms registraion

Following all the TRAI directives, Telecom operators have started registering for necessary templates in DLT platforms.Please follow the following steps to register for the SMS templateSTEP-1: Log into your dashboard with your registered username and password to receive the OTP.STEP-2: On the left-hand side, click on “template”. This will direct you to the template page. Following this, you can see a “add new template” option on your right side of the screen.Step-3: A format to register for the template will appear as shown below. Fill in all the required details.Template Name- Fill it for your own use to remember the...

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Everything you need to know about DLT (phase-3) implementation by TRAI.

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) released a regulation in 2018 to implement the registration of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in order to enhance control over fraudulent activities and to prevent customers from Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC). You can read all about DLT and about its advantages here.Now, as part of their Phase-3 implementation, TRAI introduced another regulation. Before this, any organization wanting to connect with customers through SMS has to-        Get their KYC done-        Get their Sender ID approved and linked to the registered companies.In addition to this, from March 2021, you also have to get your SMS content...

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How Bulk SMS service can benefit digital marketing companies

What is the aim of digital marketing or say, any company? Sales. Bulk SMS service offers an efficient platform for the customers that a business wants to provide to take its marketing game to the next level.Digital marketing companies are on a boom and who doesn’t want to take their company onto a higher level. A company that itself is a component of marketing, utilizing internet and online-based digital technologies has to have the ability to reach their clients even at places with less or no internet accessibility.Following the term digital, which is widely accepted as one that means being...

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get Toll Free Number Service Now

Toll-Free Number service is essential for every sector. Every company wants a seamless interaction between the agents and their clients.From FMCG to Financial, a toll-free number service carries as much importance as a business developer in a company does.A toll-free number is a business phone number that allows people to reach an individual or a business without paying anything. Mostly addressed as an 1800 number, it is a two-way street that benefits both the business and its customers.Many businesses use IVR solutions along with the toll-free number to provide enhanced customer service to their potential callers.The working of a toll-free...

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