November 2021

Bulk SMS marketing

With the online presence taking a huge space in people's everyday life, politicians are trying to take good advantage of everything that can help them boost their election campaigns.  With more and more young people registering to vote every day, it's hard to keep up with them in today's evolving world.  Phone call marketing seems to be the easiest way but it can be taken in an annoying and bothersome form by many.That's where we can make the most of the quintessential form of marketing that nowadays gets overlooked with the digital forms coming in limelight- Bulk SMS marketing.Politicians can use...

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Revolutionize your elections campaigns with cloud telephony.

With being one of the most populated countries in the world, India is a land of diverse culture and out-of-the-ordinary political thoughts. The country has had many different parties and everyone needs to keep their audience/ voters updated with every move of their party.In order to stay in the game, political parties need to move parallel to the dynamic changes happening around them. One such solution is Cloud telephony- the industry that has revolutionized the whole business system in the last few years very efficiently.Here are a few of the most popular ways as to how a political party can...

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How to use voice broadcasting solution to boost your political campaigns?

With the world evolving, from voters to politicians, everyone is spending most of their time on digital platforms. It has become a little more than normal for politicians to maintain a digital identity and stay connected with their audience.  The tech has been playing a huge part in helping politicians promote their identity among their voters. One such service is Voice Call Broadcasting solution which is one of the most demanding tools in India. As per reports, politicians and their PR teams tend to spend a large percentage of their budget on digital promotion.Here are multiple ways on how you...

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Ways Cloud Telephony can Increase your Productivity.

Nearly one third of the total business are on cloud platform and the number is only expected to grow in coming years.As there has been an increase in start-ups ever year, demand for adopting cloud-based solutions ditching the traditional systems are increasing in number.Someone who is a boomer about what cloud telephony actually means especially for small businesses can refer to our previous blog here.But right now, we plan on helping you know how cloud telephony can make you run your business smoothly in 10 different waysBetter communication control:Cloud telephony serves as a platform that simplifies communication which can be...

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