A Digital Step toward hit Political Campaigning…

A Digital Step toward hit Political Campaigning…

As we have headed towards the start of 2020, the talk of the town in India is ELECTION, 2020 to be held in the capital of India. Whether you are a political enthusiast or not, this article will keep your bond until the end.

Every political party is strategizing and planning various campaigning and spending a huge bucket of the amount over it. For successful campaigning, you just don’t need investment only. The investment needs to be optimized and utilized over the appropriate medium.

However, these days cloud telephony is trending to rate the success for the electing parties. The cloud telephony is the trust-worthy technology not only to optimize your reach for the targeted audience but also to focus on the end result for the community. On the path of exploring success ideas, get a complete overview of digital cloud telephony services.

What is all about Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a technology that holds services related to IVR, Call center setup, call recording, voice broadcasting, SMS campaigning or virtual number without software or hardware being installed at the recipient’s workplace and can ripe the benefits of the technology. All communication devices and applications are being operated at the service provider’s premises. It is commonly known as Cloud calling. It is a type of Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) that replaces the need for traditional enterprise telephony service.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony:

–        Lower cost and Maintenance.

–        Higher accessibility and reliability.

–        Easier to keep updated.

–        No need for additional infrastructure.

–        Increased transparency and analytics reports.

How political parties can use cloud telephony service during the election?

Cloud telephony offers various advantages that can result profitable for political parties. Below are some of the significant benefits of cloud telephony:

Voice Broadcasting Service:

voice broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting service plays an important role in the election campaign. It is the most effective and efficient method to connect to the masses with a single pre-recorded message. The voice which commands and create a face of party helps to develop a heart to heart connection with the masses. Cloud telephony helps to promote the party’s voice reaching into the society in a most appropriate manner. Cloud telephony circulates the pre-recorded message by the leader among the created database.

Bulk SMS Service:

bulk sms

Bulk SMS is the basic strategy adopted by the parties in order to mark success. It has been rated as the most prominent medium of spreading their agenda to the audience. Cloud telephony provides a base to the party by offering services to the large database. They offer services such as daily reminders, quick vision appearance, rally announcement, personalized messages to a specific region in regional language and mass gathering.

Email Marketing through Cloud Telephony:

In today’s scenario, Email marketing is the most convenient way to reach maximum engagement. There are multiple activities to be undertaken by the political parties to communicate with the masses. Email marketing is highly capable to build up a strong bond with the people by sharing regular updates related to the working of the party. The strategies like spreading newsletters, catchy slogans, e-brochures and bulk SMS to the audience and followers. Cloud Telephony allows the political party to enjoy the benefit of this marketing by initializing the service on behalf of the party.

Missed Call Alert Service:


Politics is all about promoting its campaign in a unique way. It always said to know what the society asks for? Missed call alert number helps to understand the party what people holding views and image for their party. It helps to hold surveys and reviews regarding the party’s agenda and movement. Cloud telephony initiate on behalf of the party as a host to conduct a survey among society. This service allows forming a question related to the party and issuing a miss call number for receiving society’s point of view and desires. This also helps the party to resolve prevailing issues for the community.

IVR Service:


Every campaign success depends on the two-way interaction of society. Cloud telephony develop an IVR service that directly always the targeted audience to route their calls to the appropriate recipient. IVR services enable masses to connect with party anytime, target maximum audience and receive accurate feedback.

Social Media Management :

social media

Social media campaigning is the most hitting trend and prominent way to create organic traffic and spread awareness among the targeted audience. Nowadays, connecting the audience and attracting people is quite manageable through our social media platforms. Social media platforms such as facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc come up common with every class of ages. By hiring a service provider, trending videos, slogans, and thoughts among the targeted audience can generate organic traffic as well as adwords campaigning.

The practical aspect of Cloud telephony service with the Election:

In past elections, you must have observed various campaigning strategies used by the political parties in order to gain maximum reach and to win the success. In the last election, you also have received a voice message of Arvind Kejriwal from the AamAadmi Party engaging a large population toward their agenda is a clear example of Voice Broadcasting Service. Bharatiya Janata Party availed a clear strategy of Bulk SMS by spreading catchy slogans.

And without any doubt, definitely winning chances depend upon the promotion campaign held by the parties. The effective promotion optimizes the reaches and probability of winning the election. Delhi’s leading company, i.e Go2market, is the most efficient and trustworthy company for providing Cloud Telephony service. We would love to share an important role in your success on the path of digital campaigning.

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