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About Go2Market

When you are moving forward or for some reason cannot reach the office, it becomes impossible to hold meetings or conferences. This is where Go2Market audio conferencing comes as a bridge between you and your colleagues, team members, clients or your audience. We have created a shared platform to boost your productivity.

Why Should Your Business  Use Our Audio Conferencing Solutions

Public Conferencing

Anyone dial the phone number provided. Enter the participant pin and join the conference. Reliable from beginning to end.

Private Conferencing

Place the conference in private methodology with specific person. No one else can join this conference.


As a moderator, you’re able to mute or unmute all participants Call. This is a good feature to have a clear and quality conference call.

Listen Only Mode

Moderator can mute all the participants, so you can talk without anyone’s interruption & Distribution You can cancel this mode anytime.

Create Contact List

You can create a contact list of participants and host a conference call on this list. You can also enter direct number of participants in live call.


You can record the conference call for your future use. Or you can also pause the recording at anytime & Anywhere.

Count Participator

You can check how many participants are on the conference call in real time Analytics. Great feature for secure conference.

Live Report

You can check the report of a particular conference call in your dashboard.


Instant Meeting Access

In one click meeting entry or any device, anytime with a consistent collaboration experience.

Contact Sharing Made Easy

Simple click to share your audio, an app present a file from your meeting library.

Eassy Access Meeting controls

Start recording, mute your partcipents, share your recording, share anything with in one just clicks.



Collaborate more often and efficiently while eliminating travels costs.


More than Minutes of Meeting

Get report and recording that help file meeting notes instantly.


Comprehensive Admin Control

Moderator meeting more efficient with Comprehensive Admin Control.


What are the costs for a account?

We charge our customers according to the plan. Standard charges may apply from your phone carrier. For more information contact the helpline number of Go Market, our number is – (+91) 8595-08-08-08

How many participants can be on a single conference?

A maximum of 1,00 participants can join a conference call with high-definition, audio conferencing.

Is there a limit on the length of a conference call?

Each conference call can be six hours long with an unlimited number of calls allowed.

Can I record my conference call or Audio conference meeting?

Yes. Instructions are available once your account is created. Recorded sessions can be easily downloaded or shared.

Can I use any in-country dial-in number to connect to the conference call?

Yes, you can use any local in-country dial-in number. All dial-in numbers can be called from anywhere in the world.

What are audio conference meetings?

Audio conferencing is where two or more people in different locations use technology like a conference bridge to hold an audio call.

Why should I host online meetings?

Host online meetings to collaborate and increase productivity. Through the Meeting Dashboard, access call controls, see the list of participants on the call.

Will I receive a Call Detail Report?

Yes, Call Detail Reports are sent by email to the host after every meeting takes place. The report includes participant information such as time spent on each call and other meeting details.

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