Be the bull in stock market with cloud telephony solution

Be the bull in stock market with cloud telephony solution

Be the bull in stock market with cloud telephony solution

Being a part of the decade, which has seen almost everything from demonetization to Covid outbreak, its quite evident to say that the world has changed its ways to work efficiently while being safe.

Work from home may have sounded a little too impossible few years back but today, almost every company was forced to adopt this and surprisingly, some are highly satisfied with its result, admitting to continue WFH even after the pandemic.

Companies dealing in stocks and funds have come in spotlight even more after the outbreak, financial safety being the reason of every household.

We, at Go2market helped a lot of companies in getting along and staying connected with their customers in an easy way which has helped a lot of companies grow.

Keeping in mind the problems that stock brokers companies might face, we have compiled a list of solutions for you to work with.

  • Make your customers feel confident while connecting with your company

No customers like to stay on hold for long while dialing a company for query. Companies need something that can handle multiple customers at once without making feel them less important. IVR is the solution for it. Go2market’s IVR product, known as Ibizfone is one of the most popular solution that comes with multiple features to help you deal with all your customers at once.

  • Make your brand be in the spotlight

Customer experience with your brand is one of the most important features that shows your brand value. Even before customer engagement, the only thing that adds to your brand is the number highlighted on your website. Every brand wants their customers to remember their customer care number, making them not to feel frustrated and choose another company over you when stuck with a query.

That’s why you should deploy Toll-free number, popularly known as 1800 number. The number makes the brand look professional and adds up to its brand value.

  • Alert your customers of their recent transactions

Missed call is one the most underrated services in every industry. Missed call strengthens and enhances your customer engagement.  

You can send your customers their daily transactions, balance report and other things in real-time, all by adding missed call service to your brand.

  • Know what your customer are saying about your brand.

Voice broadcasting is one of the most used solution when it comes to taking feedbacks from customers or gathering surveys. The outbound voice broadcasting solution helps you in conducting polls. This can also be a great way to know what is your customer’s take on certain shares and stocks.

Wrapping it all up, we can all agree that cloud solutions can be a valuable tool to not only stock broker companies but to every industry and will be adopted by everyone in coming years.

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