Cloud Call Center

Be the bull in stock market with cloud telephony solution

Being a part of the decade, which has seen almost everything from demonetization to Covid outbreak, its quite evident to say that the world has changed its ways to work efficiently while being safe. Work from home may have sounded a little too impossible few years back but today, almost every company was forced to adopt this and surprisingly, some are highly satisfied with its result, admitting to continue WFH even after the pandemic. Companies dealing in stocks and funds have come in spotlight even more after the outbreak, financial safety being the reason of every household. We, at Go2market helped a lot...

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Must-have features of Mobile Contact Centre App to serve customers remotely in the best way possible.

The Mobile Contact Center App is designed for people who enable businesses to streamline the productivity of their organizations by allowing their employees to have access to the calling information and data instantly in order to stay up-to-date with the relevant information during support. The app is designed keeping in mind the issues that employees or businesses normally face while working with a traditional PABX and to overcome them. Any mobile call center app should have these features in order to function smoothly and efficiently. Agent Real Time Monitoring (RTM) One of the main additions on this application was to make sure that the...

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mobile call center

The call centers with installed PABX have been operating in the business world since the 1960s. The traditional way is to have agents sit in a row and handle customer contacts. With the changes all over the business world and different industries, people are searching for an easier and efficient way to connect with their customers. With the development of the Mobile contact center app, you can do everything within the safe zone of your home or anywhere else. Go2market developed an app to simplify the complicated call handling system. It helps you enjoy the cloud call center features at an ease of...

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