Convert your LinkedIn leads to prospective customers with cloud telecommunications

Convert your LinkedIn leads to prospective customers with cloud telecommunications

Convert your LinkedIn leads to prospective customers with cloud telecommunications

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites when it comes to generating quality leads. Not just leads, the platform is great for growing your brand and revenue simultaneously.

With the statistics in place, LinkedIn is the top social channel for organic and paid leads for every type of business-B2B, B2C, or D2C.

As LinkedIn is specifically a professionally-geared content generation platform, the company and brands are already seeking out their collaborative partners to help them grow their business.

With all this said, the task of lead generation on LinkedIn can seem a little daunting to start with, but once you’re getting in flow with that, handling multiple customers at once can get a little tricky and confusing.

To help you stick with your leads and convert them into prospective customers, we have created a list of telecommunication services that can help you stay aware and connect with your customers.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

As technical as it may sound, IVR is a service designed to make your customers serve themselves with a pre-designed computer-operated phone system.

B2B companies have a huge customer base, and with the agents being on call all the time, they tend to miss a few of their valuable customers. IVR makes sure no customers get left out and makes them stick to you for a long time.

  • Voice Broadcasting Services (OBD)

B2B lead generation is one of the most tedious tasks, keeping in mind that every other business we plan on targeting has a customer base as a priority. But not to forget, their business leads generated will be intact only if they know how to communicate well with their customers. Voice broadcasting is one of the easiest and most strategically used lead generation tools.

Companies use voice broadcasting services to generate leads, sales and to deliver relevant information to their clients in a timely manner.

This allows them to stay in touch with their clients and increase their chances of converting leads into prospective clients.

  • Bulk SMS

SMS is one of the most underrated communication services. SMS can be used to communicate with your leads, update them on your ongoing offers and discounts, and send them time-sensitive messages.

There are different types of SMS that can be used to communicate with different customer bases at once. For instance, transactional and promotional messages.

  • Cloud Call Centre (CCC)

An in-house unified solution to enhance your business communication and to improve staff productivity—Cloud Call Centre is one of the most preferred solutions for post-pandemic situations. In contrast to the PBX, the cloud Call Centre doesn’t involve any heavy equipment to work with.

The solution is packed with all the cloud features – Live IVR, call forwarding, text-to-speech, sticky agents, click-2-call and many more.

As far as leads are talked about, they take up a major share in the growth of one’s business. Cloud communications have simplified the process for businesses to stick to their customers and follow up with them.

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