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About Client:

One of the biggest E-commerce and a daily deals platform that started in 2010 that later expanded to become one of the largest online marketplaces in India.With millions of users and more than3,00,000 sellers, over 3 crore products across 800+ diverse categories from over 1,25,000 regional, national, and international brands and retailers, and delivering to 6000+ cities and towns in India.

The Challenge

COD is one of the main reasons of operational loss due to cancellations and bogus orders. The company was looking for a solution to ensure that your COD orders are legitimate.

The Solution:

Go2Market deployed TTS and Voice Broadcasting (OBD). When a COD order is placed than our system dials voice call to the customer to confirm the order. Voice call asks customer to press “1” to confirm the COD order. And order will be confirmed only when customers press the key “1”. Interactive OBD voice broadcast service is cost effective, powerful, easy to use and intelligent technology.

The Result

More than 70 percent of reduction in bogus COD orders Complete web-based system.


About Client

Swastika Fin-Lease Ltd. is a company which is public limited. The head office of the company is in Mumbai was incorporated in 1992. And Since 1998, the company is actively involved in the field of finance hire, purchase and lease.

A public limited company, one of the top stock broking and Trading Companies, incorporated in 1992with its Registered Office in Mumbai. And Since 1998, the company is actively involved in the field of finance hire, purchase and lease. The shares of company are listed on BSE and is one of the few listed companies, engaged in Stock broking and Capital Markets activities.

The Challenge

Swastika Fin-Lease Ltd The Company needed a solution deeply integrated with their registered customer’s list and to give them the notifications, reminders on calls or on SMS. They were actively looking for the best-integrated solutions. They want to connect their client management with the automatic marketing mode to broadcast the calls and SMS without the extra human efforts.

The Solution

Go2Market established a well-integrated cloud solution in which virtual number for share trading Only on registered No’s, voice broadcasting for collections, reminders and cauda confirmation and Bulk SMS for share trading confirmation is used. All the solutions are integrated on a single number which makes it simple to manage for them.

The mapping of the numbers with the client’s list makes all their marketing solutions easy to manage. The broadcast of customized SMS and voice calls each time impact positively to their clients and keep them updated in terms of collections, due dates and share trading information.


Easy communication and broadcasting with the integrated of a single virtual number help them to deliver important information on time.

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