A leading FMCG company in association with the Indian Dental Association, commissioned a research on oral health. Research revealed that 47 percent of the total population in India has never visited a dentist, and that the 38 percent who have only did so, when they had a serious dental problem. Objective was to create nationwide oral health awareness to fight cavities among value-conscious consumers with information about free dental checkup centers located near them.


A 10-digit mobile number was promoted across mass-media touchpoints such as TV, print, and retail to provide information on the nearest free dental checkup centers. To receive the desired information, a consumer would give a missed call to the given mobile number.

After giving a missed call, the caller would receive a call back from an interactive voice response system (IVR) that requested that the caller take a “healthy mouth pledge” for their entire family. The caller would then be asked to enter a PIN code when prompted. They would then get a text with the details of the free dental checkup centers in his/her vicinity.

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