How Does Click-To-Call API Help Increase ROI & Boost Any CRM’s Efficiency?

Click to call

How Does Click-To-Call API Help Increase ROI & Boost Any CRM’s Efficiency?

Click to call – API Integration and other uses of C2C? 

Every click is significant to the company. To get the most out of your marketing efforts, never miss a click that could later be converted into a big client. Enable click-to-call on your website or app. Your website or app may have lots of useful information available, but sometimes customers may just want to talk to a real person.

The Click-to-Call link feature enables potential clients to connect with a business representative in real-time by just clicking the Contact Us or Call Now button they see on the business’s website or mobile application. Customers or users can interact with the company in real-time through a “Click-to-Call” feature and get the quickest possible response to their questions or queries.

Now let’s talk about the multiple benefits of using Click-to-Call for your business

  • Creates brand Image – Click-to-call makes it easy for website visitors to get in touch with you, and if they do, there’s a good chance they’ll make a purchase or at the very least remember your brand name.
  • Improved Conversion rate – many types of research have proved that businesses that make it easy for their customers to connect with them are more likely to have a competitive advantage over their customers, and what’s better than a click-to-call button that will connect users instantly with the business rep
  • Smart call routing – with click to call feature you can also route your calls to the relevant department or agent and expect better outcomes from it.
  • Convenient and easy – when it comes to contacting a business most customers prefer ease, speed, and convenience to make their journey as a user memorable It is more likely that customers will choose to phone rather than use the chat feature while using a mobile device to access a website.
  • Time-saving – It saves a lot of time for a salesperson by automatically dialing the number from the panel itself. Agents can take notes easily and send pre-recorded voicemails and automatically log calls without manually entering the number, this helps agents in reducing any errors and increasing their efficiency. 
  • Increase ROI – it helps in increasing the ROI by reducing various types of costs like telephone charges of a normal call, also a very effective tool in increasing engagement and conversions and saves time and effort from the salesperson’s end as well.
  • Lower Bounce rate – Click-to-call helps to decrease the bounce rate from the website and landing pages as it gives users the option to make a decision in real time.

The click-to-Call function is used in various other Sales software as well to improve its efficiency 

A CRM is not just a lead management tool, it’s a whole reporting system in itself and a mini data management tool for a sales team, and it must be capable enough to cater to the needs of a salesperson. Click-to-call is a calling solution that allows them to call from the CRM Software itself and makes it easy to track their conversation with any particular lead 

Number of software we have successfully integrated with-

ZOHO, Leadsquared, Kylas, and numerous other software and calling systems.

After knowing the multiple benefits available with Click-to-call. what are you waiting for? start today with Go2Market’s easy and compatible Click-to-call API and improve your conversion rate and ROI! Connect with our experts today

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