How Does IVR Help Businesses in Managing Their Calls Better?

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We are in an era when customer/user experience determines the fate of your business. While you can feel the dramatic shift to digital solutions on a global level, one such technology that has transformed experiences is ‘cloud telephony’.

Although multinational businesses have been using this technology for a while, there are still only a few people who aren’t from this industry who understand what IVR, C2C, or CCC is and how it actually works. Most small businessmen are still unaware of these acronyms. Besides, many people have this misconception that it must cost a lot. 

Communication technology has seen various strides and updates in the last decade and has been steadily growing with the IT sector. Communication doesn’t need a mobile device to function effectively, nor does it need any human intervention. In today’s digital world it’s very important to keep up with the technology and move things from manual to technical platforms. Our IVR Services exactly serve the purpose of all communication requirements of businesses and save them a lot of time and cost. 

How does an IVR system work?

IVR – Interactive voice response, or IVR, is an automated business phone system feature that interacts with callers and gathers information by giving them choices via a menu.

The caller listens to the IVR menu or welcome prompt and then chooses an option by pressing a key on his/her phone and then the system connects them accordingly. Our basic motive is to make communication easy for businesses and their customers as well.

The faster the customer gets connected with the right person, the better it is. IVR (Interactive voice response) makes it very easy for callers or customers to get in touch with the right person or department to help them as quickly as possible.

If communication is successful it leaves a great imprint in the person’s mind and helps improve the user experience for the future.

Now let’s talk about the multiple benefits of using IVR number for your business

24*7 availability for your customers:- with the use of IVR service you can let your customers know that you are available to support them round the clock and even when you aren’t available, you can let them know why you are not available and are your official timings.

Management of large call volumes:- IVR helps businesses to manage their large call volumes by segregating them into different agents and departments to manage calls effectively.

Improve customer experience:- IVR helps businesses to solve customer queries and deliver a good user experience to their customers over a call.

Real-time analytics:- with the use of IVR you can see the data of total calls and live calls on your panel on a real-time basis.

Improve customer services:- when a customer calls you and gets greeted by an automated voice that creates a more professional image in their mind and when they get connected to the right person for their query resolution, it improves their overall experience.

Call recording:- our IVR service helps to keep track of all call recordings for all the answered calls, which can be used for training and quality analysis purposes in the future. It also helps

Call forwarding to a dedicated department / smart call routing:- our intelligent call management solution helps you with call forwarding and conference call as well, you can forward the call to your senior or some other concerned person or connect them with the ongoing call to continue the 

Track live calls:- Monitor all your live calls from the panel itself and track the agent talking to the customer at that particular moment.

Sticky agent:- Another good feature of IVR is the sticky agent, if a customer is handled by any particular agent and finds it more satisfactory, you can enable connectivity to the same agent for future follow-up calls. 

Expressive dashboard:- Get all the necessary information and data on a dashboard that’s expressive and helps you understand and simplify valuable information at a glance and make decisions/reports from this.

More than 60% of customers believe that phone calls will help them get a quicker response from business than any other mode of communication, which is why they prefer to get connected over a call to get a fast resolution of their queries. Let IVR manage all your calls and get the best results out of it

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