How go2market’s-hosted IVR service ‘ibizfone’ plays a crucial role during a lockdown?

How go2market’s-hosted IVR service ‘ibizfone’ plays a crucial role during a lockdown?

During this period of lockdown, ibizfone-hosted IVR services have created a boom in the market on account of its efficient management and customer satisfaction. To address coronavirus pandemic, business houses need to explore the power of collaborative Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) tools such as IVR services where go2market has played a very important role in the smooth functioning of their customer care services.

We all have experienced before the professional voice instructing us to “Press 1 for Sales”. However, managers, owners & CEOs don’t comprehend the value addition this service brings to their company. The true potential of this wonderful facility is yet to be understood.

In this blog, we clarify what IVR services are and how it is beneficial during this quarantine period?

What is IVR?

IVR is an advanced version of the automated telephonic system that develops software which interacts with the callers, gathers information and guides calls to the end recipients. It is a communication menu framework that empowers the dial pad for recognizable proof, division and directing callers to the appropriate agent in your company. It is a simple and powerful tool that altogether lessen expenses and raise efficiency within your organization.

IVR system allows you to transform your quarantine period into successful business period. Lets see how.

Configure Customized IVR message & prompts: It allows your company to record personalized greetings, messages & prompts for your callers to ensure the best experience with the company. A professional voice can embrace a brand image in the mind of the callers. Customized IVR messages based on language, tone and events help to create a bond with the customers.

Gather information about callers: It helps you to know your customers’ needs and queries and simultaneously, directs the call to the appropriate department. There is a chance of mistakes or miscommunication if the same work is done by humans. Whereas IVR records the input of the customers and directs the calls to the right department in much less time.

Automatic Customer Assistance: IVR systems let your customers get their complete solution with the help of pre-recorded solution guide for the company. Preprogrammed customer support makes working simple & efficient. Sometimes the customers just know their problems but do not know the right track to be followed. IVR directs the customers to the correct department and solve their problems without the fuss of speaking or waiting for the agents.

Schedule Priority Call: The advanced IVR help the company to set a list of priority customers based on high value without engaging them on the waiting queue. When a high-value customer calls, the IVR route customers call to the most appropriate agent to fulfil their needs without making them wait, thus making the customer feel appreciated.

Build Company Image: During this pandemic situation, no matter how big your team is, IVR can make your company look larger than what it is. With a handful of staff, you can configure IVR prompts which directs the caller to the desired department they wish to talk to. IVR not only smoothes out the journey of a customer’s call but also makes your company look more organized and professional.

Benefits of IVR services

Let’s note in what way IVR benefits the business houses during this pandemic:

  • Augment First Call Impression:

IVR is designed to function smoothly for the assistance of customers. It creates an impression on the callers with the answering replicated in return to them. That’s the reason IVR helps to direct the customers’ call to the most appropriate department where agents are qualified to answer the query of the customers efficiently.

  • Customer Care Effectiveness:

Specialists who work in an organization that utilizes an IVR are progressively capable of taking care of advanced issues and address demanding necessities of the clients which they are appointed for. The outcome is an expansion in client care proficiency.

  • Decrease Operational Expenses :

IVR framework will supplant a client support operator who answers calls and guides calls to specialists. They are additionally, truly moderate, which will expand productivity and will diminish operational expenses so that the ROI is colossal.

  • Professional Outlook:

You can utilize an IVR framework to welcome your clients in an exceptionally proficient and specialized way and to cause it to give the idea that you have a large number of offices and workers than what you actually have.

  • Customer Satisfaction:

An IVR service offers customers routing to the appropriate agent who is qualified to assist them. With the help of IVR, it provides a menu of hierarchy to choose for its query and saves the time of customers by directing it to the right agent.

  • Time-based Routing:

IVR services help to overcome a time conditioned outcome created with office scenario of fixed 9 to 7 job. It ensures that you never miss a call by either directing it to voice mail or forwarding the calls on the mobile. This way, all your customers are answered and you can keep a track of the inflow of calls.

After reading about the IVR, the advantages of utilizing an IVR are clear & the related expenses are fairly low. Thus, it calls for an opportunity to grab to lead a successful business. Aren’t you interested in this? In this competitive world, spending money is not a big deal but to optimize your money and reap the fruitful result is always a big question. go2market is the leading company in India for providing the most efficient and economical IVR services packages. We as a company cater many new clients with our valuable IVR services during the period of COVID-19. We have not only helped businesses grow even during lockdown but also saved them from losing their customers when their employees were unabe to work or were quarantined. Thus, it is a one-stop solution for all your business needs.

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