How Voice broadcasting can really benefit your business?

How Voice broadcasting can really benefit your business?

How it Works? 

Voice broadcasting phone software manages a huge database of your phone and digitized messages. These computers can simultaneously deliver thousands of phone messages by using VOIP, analog or digital telephony components.

You can also include any personalized information in phone messages through the integration of text to voice software. Voicemail broadcasting allows you easily to instantly send interactive phone calls easily. And you can manage the entire process directly from the web.

Any alerts, notifications, political calls, reminders, get out the vote- GOTV, interactive polls, or surveys can be handled instantly and sent easily right from the web. It has a ibizcast account which helps you to guide through the process of storing messages, recording, managing your call list and scheduling deliveries. And you can also view and download real call time and caller key press results.

Voicemail Broadcasting Software Helps You in Numerous Ways:

Voice message broadcasting from Go 2 Market India helps you and your company to automatically send SMS messages, interactive phone calls and emails. You have a great option here to handle it yourself if you wish to by using our robust web-based portal or our staff will take care of your details efficiently for you. Our outbound calling technology can be used by any industry for a variety of solutions like :

  • Notification calls
  • Reminder calls for overdue payment or appointment
  • Interactive polls and surveys
  • Political calls such as Get Out The Vote
  • Generate Leads
  • Provide order status updates
  • Promote events
  • Emergency alerts

To catch audience attention quickly and efficiently, we can customize and give a personal touch to the messages. We make uploading easy because the person sitting on the other end of the call also wants to know the interesting thing in it for them.

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