IVR based Contest – Quizzes, Tambola & many more

IVR based Contest – Quizzes, Tambola & many more

hat is it that almost every person in India own’s ?

Yes it’s a mobile phone.

In most of the informal group gatherings, what do people do? Well besides talking about the traffic, weather, the deplorable state of infrastructure & governance, people end up playing games like teen patti, tambola etc and the same concept can be used to run contest & create engagement through 2 way communication on a mobile phone.

Contest’s besides helping in engaging with the consumers in a fun filled manner also help in building databases of engaged consumers region wise, which can subsequently be monetized.

Solution : Integrate mobile based voice and sms campaigns for targeted & interactive campaigns. An example of use of quizee’s is a Bollywood contest based on KBC contest which can be run on voice-based IVR. The way it works is that consumer gives missed call on a 10 digit mobile number and receives a call back with a series of questions and answer choices, for each question the receiver can answer by pressing the appropriate digit on their mobile phone and the same is captured through DTMF functionality and the consumer is given a score at the end of the quiz. Various rules, regulations can be integrated into the solution in terms of no of calls allowed per person, different questions each time a person calls up, daily winner announcement, to participate consumers may be asked to enter a promo code etc. A typical call flow design of such a contest shall be as follows:

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