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About Go2Market

Go2Market has a great team of election strategists, campaign managers, booth level teams, social media teams, influencers and others. Go2Market has been helping politicians and political parties in managing India elections and political campaigns. We are a team of strategists, media professionals, analysts, election experts, voter behavior experts, creative designers, video production teams, mobile technology experts and copywriters who are qualified and professional.

How Go2Market can be used for election campaigns

Automated calls to reach voters

As of today, a phone is mightier than a rally. An automated call with your manifesto is the quickest and most effective way to ensure voters hear you.

Request support with SMS

Set up short automated SMSes to go out daily to stay on the top of the voters’ mind. You can even include your goals and hopes for the constituency.

Ensure accurate political surveys/polls

Automated voter surveys via calls are the quickest, easiest, and a fair method to measure voter sentiments and support.

Miss Call Service

This Election never skips miss call service for your party. Since, it helps your supporter & potential voters to reach you. Our experts know every view matters to your party. “Your Feedback, Our Duty”

Missed call to make every vote count

Ask voters to give a missed call for engagement activities– to show solidarity, register for volunteering, etc.

Support your constituency with a helpline

Get a toll-free number where voters can register their problems like their name missing on the list, booth fraud, etc.

How Go2Market can boost your political communication

Personalize with IVR

Segregate And Route The Call Flow Intelligently To The Right Department, Register Now. IVR automation. No Installation Cost. No Setup Cost. Call Tracking & Call Recording. Pricing Plans. Start Free Trial. Request A Demo. Customer Management.

Real-time notifications

Get real time reports and statistics without the need of setting up any software. You can track and monitor anytime from our powerful dashboard.

Campaign at scale

Call/ receive as many voters you want. Our system can scale automatically with your growing calls.

Missed call campaign

A missed call campaign is an effective way to enhance your political telemarketing. Ask your voters to give a missed call to a number and customise the response to suit your party’s message.

Dynamic caller-ID

Voters do not engage with calls outside of their geography. Establish a local presence to boost engagement.

Comprehensive reporting

Understand which message works, how your campaign performs on different days of the week etc. with our reports.

Easy visual drag-drop dashboard

Just drag-drop applets and build your call flow. Don’t wait for developers to code them.

Go2Market’s  Advantage

Quick setup

Campaign season can be very hectic. We will need only 30 minutes of your time for account set up.

Reliable system

Our uptimes are 99.9996%. This means your communication system will be up and running all the time.

No technical help required

Our simple drag-and-drop interface ensures you can make changes to the call flows yourself.


You all have discovered that Go2Market’s digital media campaign can help you with maximum reaches & engagement.

Exhaustive analytics

Get detailed analytics on all the political call campaigns you run with information on the status of each call and SMS.


What is a political consultant?

A political consultant (sometimes referred to as a general consultant) has multiple clients—this person isn’t focusing solely on your campaign. You hire a consulting firm to pin down the short-term goals your campaign must achieve and the benchmarks it must meet (and when) to win.

What expertise can a political consultant bring?

Campaign consultants are seasoned veterans. These are people who have made a profession out of producing mail, placing digital ads, and asking people for money. Every firm brings specialized knowledge to the table to create space for your campaign to focus on call time and door-knocking.

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