Revolutionize your elections campaigns with cloud telephony

Revolutionize your elections campaigns with cloud telephony.

Revolutionize your elections campaigns with cloud telephony

With being one of the most populated countries in the world, India is a land of diverse culture and out-of-the-ordinary political thoughts. The country has had many different parties and everyone needs to keep their audience/ voters updated with every move of their party.

In order to stay in the game, political parties need to move parallel to the dynamic changes happening around them. One such solution is Cloud telephony– the industry that has revolutionized the whole business system in the last few years very efficiently.

Here are a few of the most popular ways as to how a political party can make good use of cloud telephony.

Make your voters connect with you for free

Toll-free is one of the easiest ways to let your voters contact you free of charge. Toll-free numbers or the 1800 numbers are the easiest to remember and make their way quickly in a person’s mind.

Integrating Toll-free with IVR

IVR is the most used cloud telephony product nowadays and is taken advantage of, in almost every industry. Go2market’s IVR is a feature-filled product giving you tons of options to keep your voters getting the know-how of your party through self-service.

Personalize your messages with voters’ perspective

Keeping in mind the beauty of different cultures in one place, Cloud telephony’s products can help you in sending your messages in a personalized manner. You can create messages in different languages making your voters feel like you care for them and their culture.

Strengthen your coordination internally

A campaign can only get strong and stay impactful with synchronized teamwork. It is important to keep up with your team members and update them timely. In order to make this work smoothly, coordination with the help of cloud telephony tools can empower party workers to stay connected anytime and anywhere.

Customized pricing for all

Election campaigns can make a hole in your pocket if not planned prior to its running. Products such as IVR, Voice Broadcasting, toll-free, and many more can have an option of customized pricing based on the volume of the audience you want to connect with.

SMS Marketing

Sending text messages to people in millions can guarantee you to have mass reach at once due to more than 70% open rate. The medium can also be used by adding a call-to-action button with a message. In addition, SMS marketing does not involve any extra cost for hardware or device which makes it cost-effective as well.

Technology has always been the way to the future and cloud telephony has played a huge part in it in the last few years. Political parties can rely on these tools for effective campaigns and high productivity of their teamwork.

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