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Political campaigns are leveraging voice broadcasting technology as a cost-effective and efficient way to engage with voters. Here are some ways in which political campaigns are using voice broadcasting for voter engagement:Voice broadcasting is a service that has been used widely in various industries for various marketing and promotional campaigns and recently it made an important mark in Political Campaigns as the use of it increased after PM Modi started using this technology to reach the masses and spread campaign messages and agendas. The use of voice broadcasting in political campaigns increased when some big parties started using this technology...

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Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting systems can be used for many applications. Let's examine a few of them.1. Surveys and PollsVoice broadcasting can be used to conduct vast-scale surveys and market research and the DTMF input feature lets your viewers give feedback via their phones' keys poll in this mode has received more responses than email or SMS. This is possible through polls, or by offering the option of speaking to an actual agent.2. The Reminder CallCustomers will be informed of upcoming reservations, payments, or appointments, as well as other events regularly through an automated message in the most efficient way.Automated reminders are...

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How to use voice broadcasting solution to boost your political campaigns?

With the world evolving, from voters to politicians, everyone is spending most of their time on digital platforms. It has become a little more than normal for politicians to maintain a digital identity and stay connected with their audience.  The tech has been playing a huge part in helping politicians promote their identity among their voters. One such service is Voice Call Broadcasting solution which is one of the most demanding tools in India. As per reports, politicians and their PR teams tend to spend a large percentage of their budget on digital promotion.Here are multiple ways on how you...

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