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Things to keep in mind before getting a remote sales team onboard

The word remote had a completely different meaning a few years back. All we had in our mind is working in an office only is equal to increasing productivity but with the rise in the pandemic, safety has become a priority which made us realize that productivity can be achieved with working remotely too.But working remotely, we are always dicey about how to go with it, that is where Go2market helps you in getting a smooth functioning workflow. Let’s go along to know about the process in detail.Hiring the right people:Hiring can be more difficult for remote jobs than the...

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mobile call center

The call centers with installed PABX have been operating in the business world since the 1960s. The traditional way is to have agents sit in a row and handle customer contacts.With the changes all over the business world and different industries, people are searching for an easier and efficient way to connect with their customers.With the development of the Mobile contact center app, you can do everything within the safe zone of your home or anywhere else.Go2market developed an app to simplify the complicated call handling system. It helps you enjoy the cloud call center features at an ease of...

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