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Have you ever contacted a business’s customer service line and gotten a voice prompt asking you to explain the reason behind calling? Well, then know that you have used Interactive Voice Response or the IVR solution. When a modern and user-friendly phone system is used in the business,  it not only enhances the customer but employee experience as well. By prioritizing the critical calls and directing less important ones to the appropriate departments, IVR solutions allow businesses to operate smoothly. But that's not it. There are many other benefits that IVR solutions bring which can change the business model. Wondering what...

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What's Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?IVR can be described as an automatic telephone system that can route calls. It lets customers interact with computers before being connected to a person. The technology works for Automatic Call Distribution, typically located in call centers.IVR telephone systems are so popular that you've probably been conversing with virtual assistants on phones more often than you could remember.IVRs handle inbound calls by gathering information about the caller's inquiry before transferring the call to the correct department. It can tailor the conversation based on what virtual number was dialed by the customer.Typically, the customer is presented with a...

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