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What's Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?IVR can be described as an automatic telephone system that can route calls. It lets customers interact with computers before being connected to a person. The technology works for Automatic Call Distribution, typically located in call centers.IVR telephone systems are so popular that you've probably been conversing with virtual assistants on phones more often than you could remember.IVRs handle inbound calls by gathering information about the caller's inquiry before transferring the call to the correct department. It can tailor the conversation based on what virtual number was dialed by the customer.Typically, the customer is presented with a...

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IVR Services

We are in an era when customer/user experience determines the fate of your business. While you can feel the dramatic shift to digital solutions on a global level, one such technology that has transformed experiences is ‘cloud telephony’.Although multinational businesses have been using this technology for a while, there are still only a few people who aren't from this industry who understand what IVR, C2C, or CCC is and how it actually works. Most small businessmen are still unaware of these acronyms. Besides, many people have this misconception that it must cost a lot. Communication technology has seen various strides and...

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Convert your LinkedIn leads to prospective customers with cloud telecommunications

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites when it comes to generating quality leads. Not just leads, the platform is great for growing your brand and revenue simultaneously.With the statistics in place, LinkedIn is the top social channel for organic and paid leads for every type of business-B2B, B2C, or D2C.As LinkedIn is specifically a professionally-geared content generation platform, the company and brands are already seeking out their collaborative partners to help them grow their business.With all this said, the task of lead generation on LinkedIn can seem a little daunting to start with, but once you’re...

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