Voice Mail

As a business operator, the company’s prime motto is to serve a personalized customer experience. Every caller is a new business opportunity and putting your caller on hold for a long can lead to bad publicity for your business. These calls for a need for a Voice Mail option for your clients. Voice mail device provides to cater to the needs of the caller and leave you a recorded message and send an instant SMS and Email to the admin.

Voice Mail in IVR greet the needs of callers in various ways:

  • During business hours, a caller can leave a message regarding their requirement during his busy hour and ask an appropriate attendee to contact back to the Caller according to their convenient time.
  • Sometimes agents are busy with other callers, they might value the time of caller and provide an option to leave a message for the agent instead of lining up in a queue.
  • Out of business hours, callers need cannot go unattended. A voice mail option is available to the callers to leave a message after business hours and receive assistance during working hours.
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