Ways Cloud Telephony can Increase your Productivity

Ways Cloud Telephony can Increase your Productivity.

Ways Cloud Telephony can Increase your Productivity

Nearly one third of the total business are on cloud platform and the number is only expected to grow in coming years.

As there has been an increase in start-ups ever year, demand for adopting cloud-based solutions ditching the traditional systems are increasing in number.

Someone who is a boomer about what cloud telephony actually means especially for small businesses can refer to our previous blog here.

But right now, we plan on helping you know how cloud telephony can make you run your business smoothly in 10 different ways

Better communication control:

Cloud telephony serves as a platform that simplifies communication which can be tracked and monitored easily.


While traditional forms of communication are quite rigid, the customisation offered in cloud communication is according to the requirements of the business.

Save 30-40 call minutes per day:

Tools like Mobile Cloud Call Centre that comes with feature of automatic dialling and analysing saves a lot of time for employees to attend more customers and focus on other parts of their work.

The traditional call system versus IVR proved that IVR saves a lot of time for customer to transfer or connect calls to the respective departments as asked by customers because of the call routing feature.

Increases flexibility:

We have been through the time of the whole pandemic work from home situation which made us realise how virtual meetings can sometimes be a way to increase productivity in certain departments when face-to-face is not very necessary.  Cloud communication is an added advantage that makes virtual meetings to take place in a lot easier way.

A lot more than a traditional call:

Cloud solutions or VOIP solutions makes your everyday communication a lot easier than it sounds, literally.

You can analyse, record and monitor your calls for future and can do a lot more than just dialling your customers one by one.

We all are here for business upgradation and that’s what companies like Go2market help their customers with.

You can check out the products that company has to offer or talk to one of the experts to boost your business.

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