About Go2Market


Founded in 2015 by three telecom professionals and now supported by 70+ people from various domains, Go2Market is one of the fastest growing cloud telephony companies that operates in the space of unified communications in India. We are powering all businesses, big or small, with our business communication channels. We are trusted by over 10,000 clients across India. We change the way you do business.

Our objective is to help organizations manage their communication requirements through cloud based unified communication solutions, thereby eliminating the need to invest in any hardware or maintenance.

Our bouquet of products and services help both large and small businesses manage their operations smartly and efficiently. Our unified communication platform enables effective lead generation, customer engagement, management & tracking of new business opportunities. Our uniqueness lies in the simplicity & smartness of our solutions.

Our Infrastructure


State-of-the-art infrastructure capable of managing large volume of incoming/outgoing voice calls and text. Our primary infrastructure is hosted at Airtel Data Center in Noida (UP) with secondary multiple backups of telecom lines from various operators, data and application servers to ensure 0% redundancy and 100% up-time. Partnership with Airtel, Vodafone and BSNL for scalability, reliability and flexibility ensures smooth running of operations.


We provide solutions to your problems


Creating a Unique Customer Experience is Hard The one primary question that always pops up in businesses is – how can we communicate effectively with our prospects and provide them a great customer experience? No matter what’s your industry or business, quality communication with your clients brings success. You must deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. This is where Go2Market comes into play.

Our primary focus is: How can we successfully and efficiently deliver our solutions and new features to customers.

How We Care?


We Are a Group of Thinkers, Troubleshooters & Artists

We understand your struggle and we can bring up best solutions for you. We want to resolve your business communication problems. We focus on helping startups and SMES who don't know where to start. And we come to work every day just to make things easier for you. We want to make business communication more approachable and understandable for everyone. Producing the best quality work is our prime goal. We aim at making your business a success, no matter how much effort and time it takes.


How We Do It

Happy Customer Is the Best Business Strategy

We provide a powerful business communication platform that will solve all your troubles and issues related to knowing and interacting with your customers. An intelligent platform that fits any industry and any business. The platform is crafted so well that everyone feels it is personalized.

Our Values


We love our team and the culture is one of the most vital components of our company.


We want to work with like-minded people who share our passion for innovating change.


We take customers as community members and give a personalized experience.

Our Work Culture


A great team means sure shot success. A dedicated team is all you require to skyrocket your business because without such a team, you can’t achieve any goals in your organization. We believe in valuing our employees and give them time to absorb into our processes. We believe that understanding the pain area of any business is crucial to its success. It is only after an employee gets a deep-rooted knowledge of the process, that he/she will be able to contribute towards giving the desired results. So, goals can’t be achieved without a good team. We believe in creating a solid team that feels responsible towards their day-to-day work.


As Tony Manwaring says, “You don’t build business, you build people and then people build the business.” We believe that a well-versed employee is an asset to a company. That is why, during training we pass on all the technical knowledge that we have to our employees so that they should be confident while dealing with our customers and we touch perfection. Also, new talent and future leadership can be identified when our workers are well trained and equipped. When our workforce has complete knowledge of the processes, they spend less time on identifying the problem and solve them quickly and effectively. They become more productive and drive revenues for the organization.

Rewards & Recognition

Good impetus propels hard work. We are always appreciative of the employees who go that extra mile to achieve results – be it sales, support, digital etc. We recognize and encourage them. Employee of the month, Go2Market Machos and Shining Stars are some of the titles given to boost up our people. Also, from the last four years, every employee waits eagerly for the Diwali Bonanza where the most productive employee from each department gets a handsome gift and recognition along with promotion/appraisal. Their hard work and motivation is rewarded appropriately because, as we said before, a happy employee makes a successful company.

Freedom of Expression

Inspiration is very important for a person. In our case, we love our employees, and we think that it’s necessary to create an energetic and passionate work environment so that the workers can stay motivated and give their best. We believe in giving exposure to our employees where he/she can speak, share and express their knowledgeable inputs to top-management. Everyone should feel important that they work in this organization not as an employee but as a stakeholder who needs to devote their time and energy to the business and in return, reap the benefits of their hard work.

Think Tank

We are a technology company and technology are evolving every second. So, it becomes very important for a company like us to keep upgrading their technical know-hows, standard of services and technical approach so that we get 100% customer satisfaction. For this, we have done huge investments in our technical department. But not only that. Every few months, we organize a Think Tank Program within our organization in which anybody can come and have a healthy discussion with their peers and superiors about issues which they might have or inputs for the betterment and progress of the organization. They can come and voice their minds about how we can develop this company and keep out customers happy. We have sometimes got very valuable suggestions and advice from our employees in shaping policy agendas. Think Tank provides platform to introduce new ideas for expanding the scope of the business.

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