How does hosted IVR work ?

Following simplified call flow, will help you to understand the working of hosted IVR.


What is ibizfone or hosted IVR and how does it work ?

IVR is a technology which allows users to obtain information over a phone system without manual assistance, IVR receives inputs from callers by pressing of phone keys as well as voice inputs, kindly refer to the flow chart for understanding call flow and the functionalities of a hosted IVR system.

What is ibizcast ?

Ibizcast is commonly referred to as OBD, outbound dialing automates bulk voice calls and allows the platform to reach out to thousands of customers simultaneously as in any voice call and plays per-recorded audio prompts. OBD can be integrated with hosted IVR to create powerful and engaging customer communications campaign.

What are the key benefits of cloud telephony ?

No. You don’t need to pay for failed messages.
  • 1 No hardware cost
  • 2 Greater availability & scalability
  • 3 Greater mobility
  • 4 Lower operational cost
  • 5 Flexibility
  • What all can be done using cloud telephony ?

  • 1. Manage call flow & increase professionalism
  • 2. Prioritize calls based on value
  • 3. Route the calls to the right person
  • 4. Build scheduled responses
  • 5. Increase first call resolution
  • 6. Capture & follow-up on leads effectively
  • 7. Market your products through customized and targeted communication
  • Who should subscribe to cloud telephony services ?

  • 1. New startups
  • 2. Existing sme and smb’s with a relatively unknown phone number
  • 3. Any new hosted website
  • 4. Number for your ad words account
  • 5. Contact details in your just dial account
  • 6. More then 20 incoming phone calls a day
  • 7. Operational in a vertical where the leads are very costly
  • 8. If you run marketing/communication campaigns
  • What all can cloud telephony do ?

  • 1. Call recordings
  • 2. Voice mail
  • 3. Intelligent call routing
  • 4. Load balancing
  • 5. Real time analytics
  • 6. Audio conferencing
  • 7. IVR
  • 8. Bulk voice calls
  • 9. Build database
  • How is the sender id AB-NUMBER format interpreted ?

    In case of promotional sms, the first 2 alphabets refer to the mobile operator and the circle for eg AD refers to airtel.Delhi, the balance 6 digits are randomly generated and are unique to each sender. Transnational sms, which one receives for eg while taking cash out of ATM, have the liberty of communicating the organizational name through the 6 digit alphabets.

    What is the maximum text length allowed in a single text sms ?

    The maximum length of a text sms is 160 characters, anything more then that will be sent as two separte sms and shall be charged accordingly, to know the character count of your text sms , type the text ina cell in excel and use the formula – len(cell ref)

    How does an organization automate sms communication through crm ?

    We provide API’s which are easily integrated with any of your applications.

    Does OBD dial to landline no’s or is it limited to mobile calling only ?

    OBD can be used to dial out to fixed line as well mobile no’s, only thing to keep in mind while uploading the calling no is that the mobile no’s should be entered without 0 or fixed line no’s are entered with the std code after removing 0.

    What is isms or bulk sms ?

    isms service is a service through which one can send SMS in Bulk, i.e. thousands or text messages in just one click. All you need to do is upload an Excel file containing the database of a list of target mobile numbers and the sms is sent instantly, however there are two kinds of sms , one is promotional sms which follows a AB-NUMBER sequence, promotional sms are allowed to be sent only on non NDNC (national do not call registry) mobile no’s and between 9 am to 9 pm only.

    What is DLT?

    Distributed ledger technology (DLT), aka a blockchain-based registration system, keeps track of all the records of promotional & transitional messages sent by the senders where all the telemarketers and entities/organizations have to get registered with operators and all the customers and retailers are connected to the operators through telemarketers.

    As per new guidelines from TRAI, in first phase of DLT every individual/organization has to register on DLT platform if they want to use Bulk SMS services, TRAI has made it mandatory for everyone from 1st of June 2020. It means all of your headers & SMS templates need to get register as an entity on DLT Blockchain platform. If senders are not registered on DLT platform, they will not be able to use Bulk SMS service. In second phase of DLT, implemented on 1 September 2020, every SMS template need to be whitelisted with header on DLT

    What is Transactional SMS?

    Any message which contains OTP and requires to finish a banking transaction initiated by bank customer will only be considered as transactional SMS. This is applicable to all banks (national/scheduled/private/government and MNC’s).

  • OTP message required to complete a net-banking transaction.
  • OTP message required to complete credit/debit card transactions at a merchant location.
  • faq_transactional_sms.jpg

    What is Service Implicit SMS?

    Any message arising out of customers’ actions or his existing relationship with the organization, which is not promotional will be considered as Service-Implicit message.

  • Confirmation messages of a Net-banking and credit/debit card transactions.
  • Product purchase confirmation, delivery status, etc. from e-commerce websites.
  • Customer making payments through Payment Wallets over E-Commerce website or mobile app and an OTP is sent to complete the transaction.
  • OTP required for e-commerce website, app login, social media apps, authentication or verification links, securities trading, Demat account operations, KYC, e-wallet registration, etc.
  • Messages from TSP/ISP.
  • Periodic balance info, bill generation, bill dispatch, maturity reminders, recharge confirmation (DTH, cable, prepaid electricity recharge, etc.
  • faq_transactional_sms.jpg

    What is Service Explicit SMS?

    Messages which require explicit consent from the customers, which has been verified directly from the recipient in a robust and verifiable manner and recorded by the consent registrar. Any service message which doesn’t fall into the service-implicit category. Note: Additionally, the customer consent template must be linked to content templates within the service explicit category.

  • Messages to the prevailing customers recommending or promoting their other products or services.
  • Messages to the existing customers regarding new offers and sale.
  • faq_transactional_sms.jpg

    What is Promotional SMS?

    A message with an intention to promote or sell a product or service. Service content mixed with promotional content is additionally treated as promotional SMS. These messages is sent to the customers after performing reference and consent scrubbing function.

    Note: Additionally, customer consent template must be linked to content templates in commission explicit category.


    What is Consent template creation guidelines?

    Consent Template: Standard message that’s sent to consumers seeking their consent to receive promotional/marketing communication from a specific brand for a given scope. While creating consent template, following details must be filled:

    Template Name: Name as per their choice

    Brand Name: Their product/trade name or if they need multiple brand names

    Example: Enterprise “Jubilant Food Works” owns 3 brand portfolios “Domino’s Pizza; Dunkin’ Donuts & Hong’s Kitchen” Scope of consent: sort of communications they need to send to finish users (We would really like to send communication regarding all marketing offers and events to our registered customers. {opt-out procedure also can be given}). It shouldn’t contain any actual message contents.


    1. would really like to Send Communication Regarding All Marketing Offers and Events to Our Registered Customers.

    2. “ABC Solutions” needs Your Consent so as to serve You Better. We May Send You Messages about Your Account Information, Activity and our greatest Offers.

    3. We’ll send you updates, transactions, recommendations of our services or products being a registered customer with us. With above details filled, enterprise can submit the template for approval. There’s no limitation for enterprise on creation of no. of consent templates. Post approval by the registrar, enterprise can link these consent template to their content templates in promotional or service explicit category (optional) accordingly.

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