6 Tools for Productive Remote Working for Banking Sector

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In the world of possibilities, change is the only constant. We need to adapt ourselves according to the changing scenarios. With the outbreak of coronavirus, the same world of possibilities came to a standstill and life was frozen endlessly due to lockdown. However, the banking industry continues to serve the country despite all the fears of contracting COVID-19 and the lockdown. The eminent services that the banks have been providing to each citizen is commendable.

While the banking sector, working in quarantine mode, initially faced many hurdles leading to inefficiency and performance dropping events. It created pressure on the industry to maintain safety as well as the quality of services for the customers. It is called for proactive actions during the panic period. Meanwhile, keeping an eye over the sales team also became challenging for the banking sectors. Thus, in these times, the sector opted for cloud services over their working.

Let us now take a look at how these COVID-19 warriors (bank employees) have been relying upon Digital Mantra to cater to all the essential banking needs of the customers.

Making Banking Easier by Sending Message Alerts on ATM withdrawals to Updating the Customers Regarding their Balance Queries, Customized Greetings, IVR to Working Schedule, IVR Messages and so on.

All the banks have taken resort to the tools (as mentioned below). These tools, as provided by a renowned service-provider, are proving to be extremely beneficial to the bankers.

  1. IVR:  Interactive Voice Response is an automated telephonic provision that helps in contactless contacts of the recipient with the bank representative. Yes, you read it right. With this tool, the client's information is recorded and filtered through calls to the executive who looks the concern. It is quite helpful for the industry since it accomplishes near-able goals of the employees and engaging employees only for the most typical queries. Come through some of the vital features for the banking industry under this tool:

•          Configure Customized IVR message & prompts

•          Gather information about callers

•          Automatic Customer Assistance

•          Schedule Priority Call

Voice Broadcasting:  This tool helped delivering a pre-recorded voice message to be circulated to all the customers of the bank. Besides saving the time of calling up each customer individually, the task of conveying important information to many at one time is done in a jiffy. It helps to viral messages in the blink of an eye. Let's look at the characteristics of these services:

•          No additional hardware setup cost

•          Web-based solution

•          CRM Integration

•          Real-time report

Bulk SMS:  You all are familiar with this service since the banks provide some basic and essential information through a single SMS. Every month, banks send messages to all the account holders of a particular bank. The text messages usually are alerts to avoid or report frauds, to lodge a complaint or about the latest addition to the existing services. This simple tool can make a vast difference in strengthening your customer engagement. So, do check some of the features of Bulk SMS:

•          Integrated with Missed Call services

•          Long & short codes

•          Specific Campaign Automation

•          API Integration

Toll-Free Number:  The customers have the privilege to dial a toll-free number in case of any doubts. As no charges are levied for calling the numbers; the customers can take their time to get their queries answered. The main advantage of this tool is that the calls are usually recorded for later purposes like training, practice etc. In fact, the customer care executives solve some of the banking needs over a call without you having to venture out of your home. Features why banks need this:

•          Professional Multi-level IVR

•          Text to Speech

•          Real-time Analytics

•          Smart Call Management

Cloud Call Center:  This software has made the lives of the bankers easier. The security offered to store all calls and data is guaranteed. This customer service operation has a variety of elements that have brought banking to the doorsteps. A high-degree performance by this software is what the topmost banks are availing. Have a glance at the best features of the services:

•          Smart Dashboard

•          Custom Call Flow

•          Call Recording

•          Smart Call Routing

Automated Dialer:  As the name suggests, it is an automatic dialing service which operates through an electronic device or software. The best use of it is that the banker can choose it to convey an automated message through a phone call or can get connected automatically to the phone numbers in person. As everything is automated, it saves time and engagement of the banking professional. Following are the bunch of attributes of the tool:

•          Web-based Panel

•          Call Monitoring

•          Call forwarding

•          Live Analytics & Reports

Overall Benefits of these Tools to the Banking Industry

The apparent value of using these cloud services are:

  • The services save a lot of time since they can convey a message to many people at the same time. ATM withdrawal messages, matured fund messages, financial products’ updates, monthly e-passbook messages and other valuable messages are sent to all customers with a single click.
  • Cost-effectiveness is also a major perk since these are low on expenses i.e. the bank does not have to invest a huge amount for promotion of services. There is a myth in the market that cloud telephony services require an enormous sum of money for its installation, infrastructure and maintenance. However, the debugger is that it eliminates the cost of equipment.
  • All these services form terrific digital alternatives to propagate the brand name, services and achievements. Every bank works on the ground to give the best & personalized experience to its customers during the pandemic. Not only the banking sector achieved its maximum with the help of these cloud services but also the customers were saved from having to travel in these fatal times.  
  • These are highly reliable since all the information is kept confidential and secure. As keeping financial information of people is the most crucial and difficult task of banking sector, they largely depend on these services where data leakage & security outage is minimal.
  • Easy availability of services is an added benefit. Neither the bank nor the customer has to wait for long. Especially the customers can dial a number to have banking at their fingertips.
  • No need to install additional & dense infrastructure.

Go2market is aware of the present situation and so, we offer all of these tools to provide a contact less connection & pace to run your business. Our team efforts have been fruitful as these hugely reduce the chances of contracting the virus and provide efficient digital solutions. Go2market are the pioneers in the cloud-based tools and telephony world that are the future of not only banks but other industries and businesses as well. These automated services provided by Go2market make a long-lasting impact on the target audience, market and business community.

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