Cloud Call Center

Enhance And Strengthen Your Customer Engagement.

Customized Call Center For Your Business

Go2Market’s feature-rich cloud call center allows you to handle and manage the inbound and outbound calls. Our powerful features will help you to enhance your teams’ productivity and customer experience. It’s a web-platform used for handling customer calls and interactions. This web can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Cloud Call Center helps in eliminating the need for a physical infrastructure which will reduce operational costs and can be scaled as per the customer requirement.

Why Your Business Need our Cloud Call Center Solution

Quick and Easy Setup

You can set up an in-house cloud call center just in few minutes. No installation required.

Save Time and Money

You don’t need to spend money on any additional software or hardware. Save time and money.

Amazing Caller Experience

Our Cloud call center provides an amazing calling experience to your callers with power packed features.

Improve Agents’ Efficiency

Our featured-rich cloud call center helps your agents resolve calls and queries with greater precision.

Superior Customer Experience

Our cloud call center will handle a large number of calls and you can solve caller’s queries quickly.

Pay As You Go

As the name suggests, our call center is completely cloud based. Only pay for what features you use.

Experience Powerful Features of Our Cloud Call Center

Smart Dashboard

Our powerful and smart dashboard allows you to check all statistics and call reports.

Live IVR

Our IVR system allows you to create your IVR flow in real-time. Experience the power of our IVR system

Custom Call Flow

Easily customize your call flow and create multi-level IVR. Add menu options according to your need.

Call Monitoring

You can monitor and track your agents real time. It will help to improve your customer service.

Smart Call Routing

Our smart call routing will route the calls to the right person and department without failure.

Call Forwarding

You can easily forward the calls to other agents while you’re busy on another call.

Call Recording

You can record all your incoming and outgoing calls. You can download these any time.

Automated Dialer

No more manual number dialing with our automated dialer. Improve agents’ productivity.

Sticky Agent

Our sticky agent feature helps you to connect to the same agent again based on past calling history.

Click to Call

A convenient way for your website visitors to call you with just a click.

Text to Speech

Our powerful Text To Speech (TTS) feature enables you to convert your text into voice.

CRM Integration

Easily integrate your CRM software with our cloud Call Center just in minutes.

Live Call Reporting

Track real-time report and monitor your all calls. Check the complete report at any time.

Download Excel Report

You can easily download all call logs and report in excel or .csv format. Or send to your email.

Agent Productivity

Graphical reports are available to analyse the ability of customer service agents to handle incoming and outgoing calls. This helps in reducing the overall cost per call by increasing the call volume.


What is cloud call center solution?

Cloud call center is an in-house unified solution which comes up with complete features of cloud telephony. It cuts your business costs and enhance the customer experience.

How Cloud call center is different from traditional PBX?

In PBX, you need heavy equipment and more space. With cloud call center, you don’t need anything. You just need an Internet connection. All your data is on Cloud.

What are the key features of cloud call center?

Cloud call center comes up with all the cloud telephony features like: Live IVR, call forwarding, smart call routing, call recording, mutilevel IVR, call monitoring, text to speech, click to call, sticky agents and more.

How can I avail your cloud call center service?

You just need to contact us. Call us at XXXXX or mail us @ Our dedicated team will guide you.

What is cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony enables you to put all your communication channels and data on cloud. You don’t need to install any software or buy any hardware. It costs less than traditional PBX. All you need just an Internet connection.

How much time it will take to set up?

It takes a few minutes to set up your cloud call center.

How Cloud Call Center Works
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