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Enhance And Strengthen Your Customer Engagement.

Voice Broadcasting

Broadcasting the message in real voice is a great way to communicate with your audience. Our interactive voice broadcasting solution helps you to send your pre-recorded voice message to mass. Expand your reach with our outbound voice broadcasting service.

Why Should Your Business Use Our Voice Broadcasting Service

Wide Market Reach

Connect with thousands of people across India with just one single click. Just record the message, upload it in our panel, and sent it to your contacts any time.

Generate More Leads

Voice broadcasting service has a high response rate and it will help you to generate more leads for your business.

Improve Customer Experience

You can give a personal touch in your message by addressing customers’ names. A unique experience and they’ll more likely to take action

Surveys and Customer Feedback

Our Outbound voice broadcasting service is a great way to ask customers’ feedback. And you can also conduct polls and surveys.

Improve Team Productivity

Automate routine task like followups, reminders, and updates with outbound voice message. It will improve your agents’ productivity and efficiency.


You can easily measure your campaigns in our web-based panel. And track the things to improve your next campaign.


Reach out to a large target audience in different regional languages. Audio files can be created, edited and reused across multiple campaigns through a user-friendly web panel.

Convenient & Fast

Voice broadcasting enables instant and accurate delivery of your message without agent assistance.

Powerful Features of Voice Broadcasting Service

No Setup Fee

You need no additional software or hardware. Zero setup cost.

Web Based

Our Voice Broadcasting Solution is completely web-based. Access any time anywhere.

Voice Caller ID

Use your mobile number as your caller ID or get a unique voice caller ID.

Schedule Voice Campaign

Want to send your campaign on a specific date/time. Just schedule your campaign.

Fast Speed

Send voice message to millions of people within a few minutes. Quick and easy.

Upload Contact List

You can upload a list of your contact numbers in the panel just in few seconds.

CRM integration

Integrate your CRM software with our web panel (easy to use API).

Real-time Report

Get detailed reports and summary of your voice campaigns in real-time.


What is Voice Broadcasting (ibizcast)Service?

Ibizcast is commonly referred to as OBD, outbound dialing automates bulk voice calls and allows the platform to reach out to thousands of customers simultaneously as in any voice call and plays pre-recorded audio prompts. OBD can be integrated with hosted IVR to create powerful and engaging customer communications campaign.

Is outbound calling is legal?

Yes its legal in India through PSTN network(not from VOIP),As per TRAI, it has been observed that – A caller must not make, or cause to made a call that is not a research call, or attempt to make such a call, on (a) weekday before 9 am; or (b) a weekday after 8 pm; or (c) a Saturday before 9 am; or (d) a Saturday after 5 pm; or a Sunday. Almost similar timing is there for research call.

How can I opt for your voice broadcasting service?

Just signup or subscribed to cloud telephony based ibizfone(Hosted IVR ) service by visiting our website or by calling us on ibizfone no. 08595-08-08-08 to have your queries answered.

Do I need additional software and hardware?

No, you don’t need any hardware or software to broadcast your voice message to millions of people, we provide user-friendly user interface from where you can upload your data and execute your campaign.from the same UI you download the data after finishing of the campaign to check the end result.

Will i be charged for which the calls are not connected with the users?

No, Sir, you would not be charged for unsuccessful or for failure calls.Your OBD calls would be chargeable on connected calls only.

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