Increase your Conversion Rate with Click-to-Call Service

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With all the ways you might have thought of, to market your product and get traffic for business, the phone call still stays at the top and is the most preferred method by customers to connect with you. And that is when click to call comes into action.

Click to call is a web to phone solution that allows a visitor to connect with you in real-time simply by clicking on a button, text, or image on a web-page.

According to market research, it is seen that Click to call has resulted in a higher conversion rate for businesses in India.

How to win Business with Click to Call in India?

Before working on anything else, the first step should be to understand your mobile audience. Users mainly connect with the businesses for three reasons.

To Express a Concern

Users don’t typically connect with people through emails or form submission, they want to connect with a live person instantly.

To Get Advice

Mobile users look for a pro to get guidance or advice regarding a product or service and hence opt for calling mostly.

To Receive an Answer Instantly

People, nowadays, don’t really have the patience to wait for a mail or read the FAQ to get an answer, they always try to get in touch with someone who can solve their queries instantly.

The Next Step is to Get Traffic on your Business

Attracting customers or traffic is one the most important tasks for a business to stay in the competition, that is because it is one of the most valuable forms of the channel that can make you grow a personal and long-lasting connection with your customers.  There are a lot of ways to make your phone number stand out on your website.

-      Add a Click to call button on your homepage so that it is easily visible to someone who has landed on your website for the first time.

-      Make your number clickable and prominent. Ensure that it’s included on all the important pages like homepage, contact page, website’s header, and footer.

-      Limit the need for scrolling so that your number is always visible on top of the page.

How you can Set up the Service on your Website?

Go2Market makes it easy for you to get a click to call service for your website. We give you benefits that are sure to increase your customers.

Easy Tracking

You can record and track every call and communication.

Cloud Call Center

There is no need for you to invest a lot in infrastructure and equipment for call centers. Our service provides you with an easy-to-operate cloud call center.

Smart Routing

With the click-to-call, you can also get the option to smartly route your calls to the relevant department or agent.

Apart from all these features, you can get the call processed in just seconds. You can get more information or get the service installed by us, just visit or connect with us on 8595-08-08-08.

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