Why Should You Move Your Business to the Cloud Telephony?

Move Your Business to the Cloud Telephony

Why Should You Move Your Business to the Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a technology that helps people connect with each other with the help of the internet. Cloud telephony offers scalable and dependable communication services for businesses of all types and sizes without the hassle of developing and managing the infrastructure. It also benefits businesses in cost and time saving, which helps them to focus on other key areas and results in better growth.

Cloud telephony is a technology that emerged with a promising future in the last decade, it has helped many businesses in various ways, and helped small enterprises in creating a brand name and presence in this fast-moving online world. Go2market is one of the best service providers of this technology in india.

Now let’s talk about some benefits of cloud telephony and how easy it is to move your business to the cloud.

1. No Cost for Infrastructure

To move your business communication to the cloud, you don’t need any special infrastructure all things will be hosted on the cloud and managed by us.Go2market has its own data centers to ensure 100% uptime for our customers. All you need to do is choose a number and then decide on a welcome message that you want your customers to hear. 

2. Seamless Integration with Existing Software

If you are worried about the replacement and training cost of moving to the cloud, you don’t need to be worried at all, because Go2Market’s APIs can be integrated easily with many CRM software and many ticketing tools like ZOHO, Lead squared, etc.

3. Reliable and Scalable

Cloud telephony is a system that allows you to manage things on a large scale and it is also very secure and reliable, it uses technology to track all calls no matter received or missed on a given platform, and allows users to make outgoing calls. And the most beneficial thing about this system is that it can handle large volumes.

4. Makes Your Business Communication Look More Professional

A number that welcomes callers by your company name and uses an interactive voice menu to direct them to the appropriate department. Get the IVR solution from Go2market to give your company a more professional appearance.

5. Increase the Efficiency and Productivity of Your Team

Cloud telephony allows your business to work more efficiently and manage things easily and remotely. It saves a lot of manual work done by your team Also, it helps to keep a better track of calls received and made by any specific agent. It saves a lot of time and manual work from your sales team’s end.

6. Reduced Cost to Manage Communication

Cloud telephony helps businesses manage things at a less cost, as it allows you to centralize all your communication on one single platform and one single number, and then you can let the customer decide whom they want to communicate with through available options in the IVR menu.

7. Easy and User-friendly panel

Cloud telephony technology is very easy and user friendly and most of the things are handled by your vendor. The panels are very easy and user-friendly to save time and effort for your teams.

8. Data Security

Cloud telephony providers understand the concept of data security and privacy of their customers, which is why we ensure proper data security for our customers.

Now that we know about a few solutions that cloud telephony offers to manage the communication of a business with its customers. There are solutions available for marketing and promotions as well, and one can also track and enhance their lead generation process and then in turn increase ROI as well.

Some of our other services are BULK SMS, Bulk Voice Broadcasting, Missed call Service, Click to Call, and Cloud Call Center.

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