5 Ways to Use SMS Automation to Grow Your Business

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Any firm can engage with its customers easily via SMS marketing. You can quickly communicate with your target audience and give across offers and chances. Even though businesses understand the value of an SMS program, many are unsure about what to do with it once it goes live. In fact, 47% of customers stated they would respond poorly if a business didn’t provide a way to text. That’s why we chose to assist you in developing a precisely targeted SMS campaign. 

Develop an SMS Marketing Strategy

Before starting up with your campaign, you should know the reason behind doing so. Analyze and design your marketing campaign before you plan on sending it to your customers. Segment your SMS Marketing Users. Your campaigns must be pertinent if you want to succeed with SMS marketing. Because they are worthless if they are not relevant. Segmenting your subscribers based on interests, location, and behavior is essential for making your SMS campaigns relevant. Sending tailored SMS campaigns can be done right away with the help of segmenting your list.

Pay Attention to your SMS Campaign Send Time

The success of SMS campaigns is largely dependent on timing. No matter how effective your SMS marketing is, it won’t be effective if they reach your clients’ phones at the wrong moment. Pay attention to the send time of your SMS campaigns for successful outcomes. Before choosing the send time, you should consider the following questions:

What time Zone do your Clients Reside in?

What time of day (check your data to determine the ideal time) did users like to receive your SMS campaigns? Adapt the send time of your SMS campaigns for higher conversion rates, and don’t forget to localize it for your customers’ distinct time zones.

Pick the Right SMS Campaign Frequency 

No matter how effective your SMS campaigns are, if the frequency is off, all of your hard work in developing effective SMSes would be for naught. How many SMS campaigns should you send, is the question at hand. Well, there isn’t a set amount. The frequency that will be suitable for one company might not be suitable for another. Because it differs depending on the industry, company strategy, etc., and because engagement should also have an impact.

The appropriate SMS frequency for each business must be determined in the end, although the quick response is: As long as you are providing your prospect or customer with genuine value, you are free to send as many SMS messages as you like.

Personalize SMS Campaign

We all know that personalization works, but very few brands personalize their SMS marketing. However, if you want SMS marketing to have a strong return on investment, you should. Use the fundamentals, such as the person’s name and location, to start. then proceed to develop. To create SMS campaigns that are extremely targeted, you can use data such as behavioral and profile information.

Use all SMS Campaign Space

SMS campaigns give you a character limit of 160; use this space wisely by cramming as much information as you can. If you want the reader to take action, don’t forget to add a URL. However, avoid bombarding the reader. Just use one URL at a time.

Final Edit

Although SMS is one of the best advertising channels, it is important to remember that SMS marketing is a continuous process rather than a single event. You must therefore test and improve your messaging. Your SMS campaign ROI will increase if you take this action. Test the offer, the SMS copy, the ideal day and time to send the SMS, as well as the offer itself. Your SMS campaigns can be improved to be more effective and generate a higher return on investment. Your company can make a lot of money through SMS marketing, but in order to be effective, your SMS campaigns must be well-planned and targeted.

SMS can be Used for Various Different Purposes that can be Modified in any way According to the Needs of the Business

ETA Notifications

Customers can receive real-time updates and projected delivery times via SMS from companies like rideshare and delivery services.

Service Alerts

For companies like IT administrators, alert notifications can be quite important. You could, for instance, receive urgent alerts for outages or errors that demand immediate attention.

Lead Alerts

When prospective prospects request information, sales teams can utilize automated SMS to deliver alerts.

Reminders for Appointments

Companies use SMS to send customers streamlined reminders and other critical details, from beauty salons to healthcare providers.

Marketing Messages

With SMS business solutions, you can share updates like new product launches, send coupons and discounts, let customers know about competitions and sweepstakes, and much more.


SMS can be used by businesses to communicate with customers in dialogues like customer service exchanges and anonymous chats.

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