Go2Market Zoho integration setup guide

Go2Market Zoho integration setup guide

Initial Setup

  1. Log in to your Go2market Voice Panel.
  2. Navigate through the menu on the left side of the screen to > Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Once within the Settings section, you will see our integration platform. Right at the bottom of the page, Click on ‘Click here to /manage Zoho CRM Integration’ and then ‘Enable Zoho Integration’.

Sign In

If you are not signed in, sign in with your account to allow the integration. Once signed in, click the “Accept” button to connect.


Once you accept the integration you will now see Zoho connected in the Go2market Voice Panel. This is where you can enable and disable all features you want in your Zoho CRM with your Go2market Voice Panel.

Your Zoho has now been integrated with Zoho CRM.

Key Features:

  • Real time notification: Notifies you about any incoming or outgoing calls in the real time.
  • Click-to-call: Leads and contacts can directly be called from Zoho CRM with a single click.
  • Quickly Add Contacts and other Actions: New contacts can be added quickly while you’re on calls with new prospects or customers. Using screen pop up, next task or an appointment can simply be assigned.
  • Call Logging and Analytical Reports: Calls are automatically noted as an activity against a particular deal, thereby saving time and facilitating easy reporting, sorting, and prioritization of customer contacts. Call time and duration stats can be used to analyze data from individual customer calls or customer segments, and performance of individual agents.

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