How cloud telephony technology helps businesses in managing their communication?

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Cloud telephony, also known as cloud calling, is a type of unified communications as a service (UCaaS) or (SaaS) software as a service, that offers voice communication services through a third-party host. UCaaS replaces the need for conventional enterprise telephone systems, such as private branch exchange (PBX). The most important function of any business is to make sales and deliver value to its customers and make long-term relationships with the customers, the cloud telephony technology is playing a vital role in that. Cloud telephony services enable users to place calls directly from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection and free businesses from the burden of buying and storing stand-alone hardware, like PBX boxes and handsets. 

The main aim of cloud telephony technology is to connect people via phone and internet without spending a fortune on infrastructure, they use technology to connect people by phone. And also to make it easy for small business owners to manage their customer support system. This technology has been a lifesaver for many companies, that have a tight budget when it comes to marketing or communication.

The digital shift or “Digital India movement” actually proved to be a great kickstart for our technology enthusiasts, so many people came together and brought such great tech-based solutions, while keeping in mind the budget constraint faced by lots of businessmen and also lack of knowledge about how technology can help them move faster and grow at a better rate. 

Cloud telephony was one such technology, that people were unaware of, other than the telecom industry only a few people knew how easy and cost-effective this technology is in managing a large number of calls and delivering some actual value/satisfaction to their customers. 

Now let’s talk about some key benefits of cloud telephony technology

Easy Implementation – Moving your business phone system to the cloud is very easy nowadays, there are many service providers of this technology in India, all you have to do is do some research and find the most feasible one as per your business and team members who are going to use it, it is basically a software application or a web-based panel but some can be very complex

Mobility and flexibility – The cloud-based phone system does not involve any large infrastructure which is a great advantage to organizations who wants to work in a flexible environment, cloud telephony makes it very easy for a business to operate from anywhere, as the saying goes “communication is omnipresent” so is the cloud telephony technology.

Cost Effective – The other great benefit of moving on from your traditional phone system is that it saves you a lot of money that you can later on use for other business purposes. The cost that is involved in managing business calls or customer calls is a very big issue for many organizations, but cloud technology makes it very easy and better for a business to manage its business calls and provide a great customer experience to its users.

Advanced call features – One of the most important benefits of cloud technology is the advanced call management features that it provides IVR helps the user to decide which department they want to connect to. Like ‘self-serve’ and solve their own query through conversational but automated call management paths and then there’s call forwarding, call conferencing and call recording etc.

Increase productivity – Once you move your calls to cloud, it gets very easy for your team to track all the necessary information at one place and manage communication more effectively, this saves a lot of manual tasks for them and thus results in increased productivity because now they can solve customers’ queries at a faster rate and use their spare time in other productive things or to connect with more prospective customers. 

Reliable and secure – The cloud technology doesn’t take over all of your control on your business communication, it just helps you by being a host or a connector and gives you complete access to all your calls, data, and other necessary Information and your IT team can make all required changes from their end. And also there’s API service available for those who need to integrate their CRM system and other day-to-day tools such as Microsoft office 365 or your Google suite, making your teams more efficient and improving your customer experience for the longer term. 

Now the question is how to choose the right cloud telephony provider for your business. This decision is a crucial decision for any big organization so it should be well thought out, one must do their part of research and comparison, and 5 points that must be considered are:

  • Service quality 
  • Technology requirement
  • Security and Compliance 
  • Vendors involved
  • Cost-benefit analysis

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