Boost your Election Campaigns with Bulk SMS Marketing

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With the online presence taking a huge space in people’s everyday life, politicians are trying to take good advantage of everything that can help them boost their election campaigns.  

With more and more young people registering to vote every day, it’s hard to keep up with them in today’s evolving world.  Phone call marketing seems to be the easiest way but it can be taken in an annoying and bothersome form by many.

That’s where we can make the most of the quintessential form of marketing that nowadays gets overlooked with the digital forms coming in limelight- Bulk SMS marketing. Politicians can use them to create a personal touch of their own during elections in multiple ways.

Send Personalized SMS in Different Languages to Voters.

  1. Translate messages in regional/local languages.
  2. Attract voters of different communities.
  3. Maintain your communication with your audience. 

Works Best for Time-Sensitive Alerts and Updates

  1. Hassle free updates to team and voters.
  2. Send time sensitive messages and win over your voters.
  3. Reflect your political party in a positive way.

Makes the Public Stay Updated

  1. Make you stay away from spamming of calls.
  2. Highly reliable and scalable APIs to integrate with your campaign tools.
  3. Send impactful marketing messages.

Sign-up Drive with Marketing Campaigns

  1. Setup a form with marketing message.
  2. Get to know about the interested voters through sign-up  forms.
  3. Get missed call alert through bulk SMS marketing messages. 

Make your Voters Feel the Moment

  1. Attach pictures, videos, or any other attachment with your SMS message.
  2. Make your voters feel they are living in the moment. 
  3. Political campaigns are time-based rallies that can quickly make up a place in their voter’s heart with visuals or strong content and SMS marketing makes it possible for you in every way.

There have been a lot of wrong speculations of Bulk SMS in past times but with data and facts, Bulk SMS has proved to be the most effective marketing method with a higher open rate than calls and emails

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