IVR function is not only to provide first end service. IVR actively plays and guide the caller in providing appropriate solution and call get disconnected.
This service helps to enhance the company’s image but maintaining a future relationship with the caller leads to the growth of the company.
The auto revert SMS feature comes forward as a step towards building brand recall value. This will help the conversation last longer in the mind of the callers. Auto revert SMS notification could be installed in various ways to initiate a message with…..

The caller as follow:
  • Sending thanksgiving a greeting to the callers.
  • Sending company’s details like phone number and address of the office.
  • Sending details of the agent reciprocated the call.
  • Sending the website’s link or application’s link.
  • Maintaining future contact through an update of Coupon codes and discount offers.
  • Sending IVR input report.
  • Agent’s getting alert SMS for unanswered calls.
  • The supervisor receives SMS in case the agent missed a call.
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