Every Company has a set of operating rules and timing for their company. Customers can set office timings according to the working hours defined to their memorandum. There could be two scenarios of working hours,

  • Enhance customer relations
  • During office hours, the callers would receive the incoming calls without any hassle. While during lunchtime, all the callers can be directed with a lunch break profiler through SMS notification or IVR announcement.
  • Beyond office timing, the customer can fix the logic either to block incoming calls after office working hours or a caller can be communicated the same via sending an SMS notification or by fixing an IVR announcement for non-working hours. If a company operating during dynamic hours then they can forward the calls to different agents on non-working hrs. However, an additional feature could be added after the IVR announcement on non-working Hours, to leave a voice message in voice mail.
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