We enable our telephony resources in such a way that no call got missed by parallelly ringing all the agents at the same time. There is a common problem faced by the caller as well as the user.
Simultaneous ringing enables the business to automatically redirect the incoming calls to all the agents at the same. This ensures thrifty responses as the customer will always find an agent to talk with. Hence, it leads to improving the overall customer experience.
By initiating with this feature, if a user is receiving “n” of calls at the same time, the caller has the option of choosing parallel ringing or sequential ringing. While choosing simultaneous ringing, the call will be directed to all agents and once any agent attends the call, the other phones get automatically stop ringing.

Featuring benefits:
  • Quicker Response time
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • No busy dial tone for callers
  • Never miss an important call
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